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 We are an Oasis of Love, in the middle of a Cold Society 

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Campamento De Hombres

Atributos Del Verdadero Hombre. Nuestra red M.A.N. ha organizado un evento de gran bendicion para todo hombre. Este evento se llevara acabo el 10 y 11 de Mayo en Eddy Farm. Para Registracion llame al (516) 546-2020 ext. 11

Prophetic Word of 2023

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CBNJ Serving Our Community


Every year the city of Morristown performs the cleaning of our streets in the middle of our neighborhood. Our church for years has been part of this service to the community, we believe that as a Hispanic community, our contribution to society is important, because the word of God teaches us to bless the city where we abide in.


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Welcome to our website, the purpose of this page is to be a branch of our ministry to serve multitudes of people. It is our wish that through this medium each person who enters has an experience where they are instructed, inspired, motivated and informed. Here you will find all the information about who we are, what we believe in and what we do. You will also have access to our live services and can enjoy resources to help you build your faith in Jesus our Lord and Savior. We hope that each person who belongs to CBNJ Casa Del Alfarero grows in their relationship with the Lord.


We do all of the above, because the foundation of our faith is to love God and all people. Therefore, we want to see many saved, healed, instructed, equipped and empowered to serve God by performing His will. This is all made possible through our Sunday services in Morristown and Dover, as well as our Wednesday night prayer, healing and miracle service in Morristown, Dover, Kearny and Long Branch and most importantly our small groups, Houses of Hope, on Fridays where we are edified and build an extraordinary communion in brotherhood. We invite you to come and be part of the body of Christ at CBNJ Casa del Alfarero.



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How to do a Life Project

Download Life Project Sheet

Download Financial Budget Sheet

Do you want to start 2021 right? Complete your Life Project so that you can become a good Steward.

Apostle David Silva

Apostle, pastor, missionary, and founder of Centro Bíblico of NJ: Casa del Alfarero. David Silva's dream is to see people, families, communities, cities and nations transformed by the proper preaching and application of the Word of God. A man of vision and great faith, filled with the Holy Spirit who has been obedient to God since being born again and because of this God has used him to establish His Kingdom locally as well as internationally.

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Missionary Pastors John and Sandra Díaz, were sent 2 years ago to the City of Palmira Colombia, where they are doing a wonderful work through the Gospel.

They are Directors of the Casa del Alfarero Foundation, a non-profit organization that helps children at High Risk

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Pastors Percy and Aracely Pacheco are missionary pastors in Nicaragua

They have worked hard in a very poor town, building two Churches and a Christian Elementary School.

The change in the City is evident through the Work of the Gospel and the testimony of Love for the Community.

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Missionary Pastors Eduardo and Dinia Ortega, returned to their country of origin Costa Rica with the whole family, after receiving the Call of God.

With the Message of God they have been able to preach in places such as Schools and Prisons

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Reaching multitudes of people so they can follow Jesus Christ, thus ensuring their eternity and transformation in their lives, which will eventually cause the world to change awaiting the return of Jesus Christ.

Our Locations

We are a place where we care about the community, that's why we work to serve: families, couples, children, youth and adults. We offer free advice for people who want to open their own businesses, business owners, advice in the financial area, marriage and family counseling, among other services. For us it will be a pleasure if you join us in one of our four campuses.

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