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Pastor David Silva came to the United States in 1989 with his wife Patricia and their daughters Diana and Steffanie seeking the resolution of family conflicts without suspecting the plans and purposes that God had for them. During this situation, his wife and daughters gave their lives to Jesus Christ and a few months later he felt the call of God in his heart in a day that would mark him forever. He expressed to God with all his heart “I don't want to be a mediocre Christian, I want to give myself totally to you and give you the best, I will always serve you ”. At that moment a passionate and determined man seeking the manifestation of God in his life was born.


Their ministry began more than 17 years ago when they started a congregation in Long Island, New York. In view of the needs of the different communities in this country, God impregnates their hearts with a vision “to see multitudes of people being transformed by the presence of God and His word. ”. With the advice of Apostle Carlos Luis Vargas, pastor of Freeport Bible Center church, they came to work with him, under his wing and there they became assistant pastors. Pastor David Silva was the youth pastor and founder of "Youth in Action" ministry, where the youth were greatly impacted by ministering to them a culture of purity, holiness, prosperity, and purpose in God. In addition, to being the youth pastor of the church he also obtained the responsibilities of the Director of the Freeport Bible Center Academy as well as the Day Care Center.


When God's time came, he was sent to New Jersey and founded Centro Bíblico of NJ: The Potter's House, a growing church that reaches out to people of diverse cultures and origins. Pastor Silva credits this to two factors: first, the manifested presence of the glory of God in the temple that was acquired several years ago, where the faith, perseverance and wisdom of a man directed by God gave its fruit. Where the altar of prayer is always lit leading people to grow in an intimate communion with God and in a deep lifestyle of prayer. Second, the solid and full teaching of the word of God, preaching and teaching the Word with simplicity and depth under the anointing of the Holy Spirit, which produces change in the lives of those who are under his teachings.


There is a section within the vision that God has given Pastor David, which is to bring a change to the church of Jesus Christ in all nations for which the Lord has opened doors through our radio station, "Abundant Life", and our television broadcast in several countries such as Colombia, Nicaragua, Honduras, and Ecuador. In addition to this, God has given Pastor David the opportunity to preach/teach pastors and leaders around the world at massive conferences. This is complemented with revival crusades through, "Nights of Healing to My People", where believers from different denominational backgrounds meet to receive the impartation of the word of God and the anointing of the Holy Spirit as well as miracles and healings.


God gives Pastor David an opportunity  in Palmira - Colombia because of his heart for children and youth to open an orphanage "Casa del Alfarero" where children who are on the street or at high risk are taken in to be restored by providing them with spiritual nourishment, emotional restoration, education, shelter, food and mainly the love of Christ through a team of servers that work full time.


Pastor David's dream is to see people, families, communities, cities and nations transformed by the proper preaching and application of the gospel of Jesus Christ. Some of his favorite phrases: "God is up to something in your life", "Welcome to this Oasis of Love." "We are building a legacy." He likes to joke around and laugh but because of his passion for Jesus and love for others he breaks down under the anointing of the Holy Spirit.

Apostle, pastor and missionary, Founder of Centro Bíblico of NJ “Casa del Alfarero”, his dream is to see people, families, communities, cities and nations transformed by the proper preaching and application of the gospel of Jesus Christ. A man of vision and faith, filled with the Holy Spirit who has been obedient to God and because of this God has been glorified through building the kingdom of God locally and internationally.


In the fall of 2001, Freeport Bible Center (The Mother Church of International Biblical Center, based in Freeport, NY) began a new mission in the city of Morristown, NJ.

Pastor David Silva's role was to visit this city every Sunday with some leaders from Freeport Bible Center.

The need for a ministry to meet the needs of the Latino community was evident.

Freeport Bible Center elders group chose Pastor David to lead this work. He began traveling 2-4 times a week from Freeport to Morristown.

As the Church began to grow, the need to have Pastor David working full time was evident. He moved to the city of Morristown with his family and the explosion in growth and blessing to this community has not stopped since.

One of the challenges that had to be faced with this growth was the need for a building; In time, the church held two services on Sunday, a morning service at Alfred Vail School, due to the large number of participants, and an afternoon service at the rented location on Speedwell Avenue.

Pastor David has raised a body of leaders to enhance his work. Among these are youth pastors, children's teachers, ushers, musicians, as well as a small group of leaders and an administrative group. Centro Bíblico of NJ is well known in the community for the work it does with married couples, youth, as well as people with different needs. One of the characteristics of the CBNJ is the way it relates to other institutions and local churches, contributing to the resolution of problems that affect the community. CBNJ is the first of six Morristown Latino Christian churches to purchase a property to grow in the work they are all doing.

Pastor David states: "We are planning to open at least two more congregations in New Jersey in the near future, as well as a child care center in the next three years and a school within the next 10 years."

The contribution of this group of immigrants of faith to the community is extraordinary and worth noting especially in times when anti-immigrant sentiment in this nation is the bread and butter, as well as controversial actions by city governors in Morristown.

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