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We invite you to our Celebration Party of 19 years of Ministry!

We have seen God's hand at work in all these years, even in difficult times, God was faithful to the work He entrusted to us, and there have been many victories that we have enjoyed only by His grace.

That is why there are many reasons to be thankful and celebrate, and we want to do it together in an unforgettable 4-day celebration.

Get to know our Guests

Apostle, pastor and missionary, Founder of Centro Biblico of NJ "The Potter's House", his dream is to see people, families, communities, cities and nations transformed by the preaching and correct application of the gospel of Jesus.  A man of vision and faith, filled with the Holy Spirit who has been obedient to God and because of this God has been glorified through building the kingdom of God locally and internationally. 

Within the vision that God has given Pastor David, there is a goal to carry out a change to the church of Jesus Christ in the nations of the earth.


Apostle Carlos Luis Vargas received his bachelor's degree in Theology from Logos Bible College in New York in 1984. He received his master's degree from Canon Bible College in Florida, and has been awarded several honorary doctorates.


He's the senior pastor of Freeport Bible Center, a congregation he founded in 1986, which has become one of the fastest growing churches in New York. He is the founding president of the apostolic network Centro Biblico Internacional, with educational programs, schools, day care centers, social interest programs, and churches in Central, South and North America, the Caribbean and the Middle East.


Apostle Salvador Sabino's story begins in his youth on the streets of Manhattan's Washington Heights.  A miraculous event and a spiritual revelation had the power to transform his life into one of the most positive and productive individuals in New York City.

In 1991 Pastor Sabino and his wife Kenia founded the Heavenly Vision Christian Center in the Bronx.  On June 15, 2000 they founded the international ministry Sabino Evangelistic Association (S.E.A.) and from there they preach the Word of God and conduct evangelistic crusades in the United States, Europe and Latin America.


Humberto Fajardo's pastoral calling has been marked by the formation of several generations of leaders and pastors in Colombia and in several countries in Asia, Europe and Latin America, raising leaders who get involved within the community and transform their environment.

Within his curriculum that he has developed for almost 4 decades, we can mention theological teaching and various organizational positions, among which we can highlight his leadership as National Superintendent of the Assemblies of God in Colombia, lecturer in various national and international events, writer of articles and presenter of television and radio programs.


Thursday September 29 @ 7:30 pm  -  41 West Blackwell St. Dover NJ 07801

Friday October 1 @ 7:30 pm  -  41 West Blackwell St. Dover NJ 07801

Saturday October 2 @ 9:00 am  -  63 Abbett Ave. Morristown NJ 07960

Sunday October 3 @ 9:00 am  -  41 West Blackwell St. Dover NJ 07801

Live Service

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